Poway Nursery - T.G. Landscape


Poway Nursery - T.G. Landscape Poway Nursery - T.G. Landscape

During spring and summer months we offer a large selection of various types of roses. Pictured above are hybrid tea and grandiflora roses. Potted/Bareroot roses are available fall and winter months while plants are dormant.

Fruit trees, citrus and avocado can be planted the year round in frost free areas, though citrus and avocado are best planted in spring and summer. We offer dwarf, semi dwarf and standard sizes.

Poway Nursery - T.G. Landscape Poway Nursery - T.G. Landscape

Seasonal color and bedding plants are available year round. A few hardy variaties are Pansys, stock and snapdragon for fall/winter and marigolds, petunias and lobelia for spring/summer. We also stock a large selection of groundcovers.

We offer a full line of garden products including fertilizer, soil conditioners, insect and weed control. Many are organic in ready to use spray bottles. Poway Nursery is a Marathon lawn seed and sod distributor.

Poway Nursery - T.G. Landscape Poway Nursery - T.G. Landscape

Color bowls and hanging baskets are always popular items. Our hanging baskets are purchased from a specialty grower. A large selection of pottery including glazed, talavera and fired clay are always in stock. Take advantage of our "free potting service" when you purchase the pot and plant from the nursery.

We have a small gift shoppe inside the sales office. Bird houses, feeders and wind chimes to name a few. Ornamental stepping stones, flags and small statues can also be found inside.

Gift certificates available

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